Welcome to ValueCare Ambulance Service

“Responding for You”

ValueCare Ambulance Service is Zanesville’s ONLY locally owned and locally operated ambulance service.

Established in 2017 with an intentional and purposeful goal of providing an independent, locally owned and locally operated ambulance service. The product of a long-term desire to merge entrepreneurial industry expertise with a vision for EMS that is guided by Value and Caring principles.

ValueCare Ambulance Service is an integral part of the local healthcare continuum, providing 24-hour emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services. Committed to service and quality, we understand the stress a medical crisis can put on a patient and their family members. For this reason, ValueCare Ambulance strives for world-class service excellence through our prompt response, safe transport, and professional team of field medicine providers. ValueCare Ambulance serves its patients, partners and people with honesty, loyalty, and dedication.

ValueCare Ambulance Service is dedicated to public safety and committed to valued partnerships with our local Fire Departments, Emergency Management Agencies and Law Enforcement by providing high-quality and high-performance Emergency Medical Services. We also provide services to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Hospice Organizations, Home Health Care Agencies, Dialysis Facilities, Free Standing Emergency Departments, Retirement Communities. ValueCare Ambulance Service gives back to its community by hiring and buying locally, supporting public health initiatives and education, and providing medical standby service with EMT and Paramedic coverage for special events and organizations such as sport activities, fairs, charity fund raisers and concerts.


To provide VALUE-based, high quality care to every patient and family we serve.


To be the most VALUE-based and caring ambulance service.